Friday, December 05, 2008

MANNEKEN PIS - Amsterdam

Manneken Pis has a small location on Damrak (the main street) approximately 3 blocks from Centraal Station in the Dam Square (downtown) area. There is no seating, just a walk-up window. But this does not detour those in the ever present quick-moving line to look elsewhere for their french fry fix. The white lab coat adorned staff are very efficient and friendly.

The menu is short - 3 sizes of fresh cut/fresh fried fries, shakes and ice cream. Period. The fries are reasonably priced, from $3.25 - $5.50. They also offer 17 regular dipping sauces and 5 special dipping sauces, ranging in price from .75 - .95 for each sauce. Not being fluent in Dutch, I asked a local next to me in line for a recommendation. Without a doubt, he indicated the mayo/green peppercorn was the best - a very smooth, slightly peppery mayo. I agree; it was fantastic. After receiving my order, I joined the rest on the sidewalk devouring their cones of french fry bliss.

The small fry I ordered was served in a paper cone; the sauce was plopped on the top. My fries were incredible - crisp with fluffy white centers! Remember to grab a tiny wooden fork & several napkins.

There is a large sign proclaiming Manneken Pis has been vote "#1 Holland Fries" for several years. Not once did I walk by during this visit to Amsterdam did I not see a line. The other fry shops in the area can't make the same claim!

Mmm, Mmm, Mmm...


$ 10
$$ 20
$$$ 30
$$$$ 40+

+ Stop bothering me!
++ Anyone here?
+++ Stopped when in the area.
++++ As needed and friendly.
+++++ Invisibly perfect!

✦ “One visit too many!”
✦✦ “Convince me!”
✦✦✦ “I’ll be back!”
✦✦✦✦ “Same table next week!”

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