Sunday, September 06, 2009


The Loop Bar & Restaurant is in the revitalized warehouse district – an area of trendy lofts, interesting restaurants and entertainment. Three college buddies opened the Loop. As you enter this casual comfortable space with 20+ foot ceilings with wooden beams, you get a sense that you have been here before.

Having heard that The Loop now has a Sunday brunch, I headed over to the North Loop area to give it a try.

I enjoyed several steaming mugs of coffee – dark & smoky. The bright coffee may have had a bit of chicory.

The brunch buffet has a nice variety breakfast items to start your Sunday. I decided to used small plates and graze my way from one end to the other.

I began with chunks of juicy and sweet cantaloupe, honey dew and pineapple. This fresh starter brought a bit of sunshine to a somewhat gloomy morning beyond the huge windows across the front of this interesting space.

My next plate was a mound of crispy hash browns, links of pork sausage and an egg sandwich. The over-easy egg topped with cheddar cheese and several slices of crisp, lean bacon sat on a ½ English muffin.

Surprisingly, I had room for more! I then enjoyed a small slice of breakfast pizza – scrambled egg, spinach and sprinkles of shredded cheddar cheese served on a very thin pizza pastry. I felt the need to try the Caesar salad of chopped romaine, homemade garlicy croutons, shreds of parmesan, bits of sour cornichons (crisp, tart gherkin pickles) and a creamy dressing exploding with flavor. Excellent combination!

Nearing the end of the buffet, I did not want to pass on the cooked-to-order omelet or waffle. I needed to make a choice and went with the waffle. The thick waffle was perfect with crispy edges and a fully cooked center. The warm maple syrup was “icing on the cake”. Delicious.

I sat along the interior wall in one of the booths. I recommend selecting a high table along the exterior wall. It appeared that the housekeeping staff was on vacation; the ledges above the booths screamed for a good cleaning. At 11am, my preference would be music you can converse over and welcome the day. The rock that was playing was too early, too loud & too difficult to talk over. It shortened my visit.

I will return hoping to find the same great space, same friendly service… but different music.

Link to prior Loop visit

Mmm, Mmm...


$ 10
$ 20
$$ 30
$$ 40+

+ Stop bothering me!
++ Anyone here?
+++ Stopped when in the area.
++++ As needed and friendly.
+++++ Invisibly perfect!

“One visit too many!”
✦✦ “Convince me!”
✦✦✦ “I’ll be back!”
✦✦✦✦ “Same table next week!”

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