Thursday, June 03, 2010

CHIN CHIN - Los Angeles (Brentwood)

Chin Chin, one of my favorite eateries for... maybe 20 years, is on San Vicente Boulevard in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles. Since my last visit, the space has been comfortably updated with deep brown leather bench, booth and chair seating seating, white cloth napkins, lightened Walls and drop trendy globe lighting. In addition, I discovered a recently completed, fantastic renovation of a rooftop space for added outdoor seating.

My lunch companions, Richard and Roberta, were as excited as I to return to Chin Chin. Taking the advise of our extremely friendly server - Gavin, we decided to share a starter plate of their Szechuan Dumplings. The plump dumplings stuffed with minced chicken, onion, ginger & garlic were perfectly cooked. The accompanying dipping sauce accented with soy, citrus and cilantro was perfect!

For lunch, we ordered their "famous" Chinese Chicken Salad. The salad of shredded lettuce, chunks of chicken breast, shredded carrots, toasted slivered almonds, tidbits of scallion, red pepper, and thin crunchy wonton strips tossed in an amazing ginger dressing. This masterpiece is topped with crispy rice noodles. The incredible salad is large enough to share but no - we each ordered our own and left nothing on our plates. Delicious!

I will most certainly be returning for the great service, the relaxing outdoor space and the delectable menu!

Mmm... Mmm... Mmm...





$ 10

$$ 20

$$$ 30

$$$$ 40+


+ Stop bothering me!

++ Anyone here?

+++ Stopped when in the area.

++++ As needed and friendly.

+++++ Invisibly perfect!


& “One visit too many!”

&& “Convince me!”

&&& “I’ll be back!”

&&&& “Same table next week!”

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