Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Eating Out in Puerto Vallarta

On this trip to Puerto Vallarta, the weather was extremely hot... 90-105 with 70%+ humidity. I did not venture too far from the air conditioned comfort in the condo. Even my friends that live in Puerto Vallarta year-round complained about the unusual weather.

I visited some of my favorites: Coffee Cup, Trattoria Michel, No Way Jose!, Takos Panchos and Joe Jack's Fish Shack. Each of these eateries offered big smiles, great service and a meal or 2 as great as my last visit. I joined friends at 8 Tostados Seafood (the very local & casual eatery near the stadium); I only had icy beverages - the heat had taken my appetite from me. My friends meals looked incredible! I will be certain to order off the menu when I return in November.

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