Sunday, February 28, 2010


No Way José! located on the edge of Zona Romatica area on 5 de Febrero (first street to the left after crossing over the Rio Cuale from el centro). This area of Vallarta is the older, charming Puerto Vallarta. Zona Romantica is Vallarta's most energized neighborhood with the south side beach, restaurants, bars, lounges and beach side cafes.

The menu features contemporary Mexican cuisine with the freshest ingredients bursting with flavor & fine dining quality.

After a day at the pool and a late afternoon massage, I was too relaxed to spend any time in the kitchen preparing dinner. Instead, I headed down the hill from my condo to one of my favorites – No Way Jose! with its soothing jewel toned walls, linen covered tables accented with tiny vases of fresh flowers and of course, Julie's smile and Jose's laughter.

Daniel, as charming and friendly as always, ordered for me this evening. Why make a decision if I don’t have to? He even ordered my martinis for me, refreshing pomegranate martinis with a spoonful of pomegranate seeds at the bottom of the goblet. Great, spot-on service the entire evening.

He chose the Tortilla Soup ($4US) for me as my starter. The generous serving of the classic comfort food had slivers of guillo chilies, chunks of avocado, sour cream and ranchero cheese. The tortilla strips retained their firm texture to the very last spoonful. The tomato based soup with chicken stock, jalapenos, cilantro and a pinch of cumin will have you asking for more!

For dinner, I had the Flank Steak Don José ($11US) – perfectly charred and so tender I cut it with my fork, no knife necessary. The steak was generously surrounded by grilled peppers, onions, and thin slices of chorizo sausage. The sides of freshly made guacamole and refried beans plus warm flour tortillas completed this fantastic entrée. Suggestion… add thin strips of the cactus used in your infamous nopal soup to the grilled vegetables served with the flank steak.

After another superb dinner, I was asked to join the owners, Jose & Julie, and friends from the States at their table. After another martini, several shots of Jose’s favorite tequila and 2 hours of stories & laughter, I decided to call it quits. Aah, another perfect day in paradise! I wish my return in April was not so far away.

Mmm... Mmm... Mmm...

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No Way Jose!





$ 10

$$ 20

$$$ 30

$$$$ 40+


+ Stop bothering me!

++ Anyone here?

+++ Stopped when in the area.

++++ As needed and friendly.

+++++ Invisibly perfect!


& “One visit too many!”

&& “Convince me!”

&&& “I’ll be back!”

&&&& “Same table next week!”

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