Sunday, March 21, 2010


Craftsman's name is a giveaway to the design surprises found inside the very comfortable space. The wall sconces, drop lighting, very high ceilings, gorgeous woodwork, stunning wooden bar, comfy highback bar chairs with leather seats, and over-sized slowly moving ceiling fans. The comfortable elements are wrapped in subdued sage green, yellow and burgundy walls.

Our friendly waiter, whose service was stretched between too many tables, explained that the Craftsman is an eco-friendly, sus
tainable, organic restaurant for the past 5 years.

I started with a "Beet Bloody Mary" - the beet juice is a delicious balance to the expected heat of a Bloody Mary. So refreshing, we each 2!

I had the "Craftsman Breakfast" - 2 eggs scrambled, 2 pieces of Fisher Farms smoked ham and hash. The fluffy eggs arrived with a hash of chopped potatoes, purple cabbage and red onion. Both were exceptional. The ham had great flavor but
too much fat. I am surprised the fatty end piece left the kitchen. I prefer smoked cured to sugar cured ham; what I did eat was delicious. The side of sourdough grilled bread was served with an incredible honey... apple flower, I believe.

This very popular Longfellow neighborhood eatery has a large attached outdoor dining area. I am anxious to return for an al fresco dining experience in the garden exploding with color from the numerous large planters.
Thomas and I decided to venture outside the downtown area for brunch and try something new. We found the Craftsman and were very pleased we stopped.

Mmm... Mmm...

Craftsman Restaurant & Bar





$ 10

$$ 20

$$$ 30

$$$$ 40+


+ Stop bothering me!

++ Anyone here?

+++ Stopped when in the area.

++++ As needed and friendly.

+++++ Invisibly perfect!


& “One visit too many!”

&& “Convince me!”

&&& “I’ll be back!”

&&&& “Same table next week!”

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