Saturday, October 28, 2006

THE VIEW - Minneapolis

The View was last night's place to be in the Cities. The ballroom in the same building as the View was the site of the "BooBall". The restaurant and lounge were overflowing with gorgeous diners in fabulous costumes. The View is located across the street from Lake Calhoun. Plan ahead and request Stephen’s section. For those connected to the web, the View offers online reservations.

Once again, I had the Tomato Basil soup as my starter to the meal. The soup is a comforting blend of roasted roma tomatoes and basil in a base of chicken stock. On this visit, I requested additional basil in my soup. Fantastic!

This evening I strayed from the always perfect broiled flank steak and had the grilled Tilapia. The generous piece of fish was gently grilled and simply seasoned with a sprinkling of salt and pepper. The fish was topped with sliced, sweet & juicy black, green and red grapes. Asparagus was the fresh vegetable of the day. The entrée was simply delicious.

The rich slice of Signature Cheesecake accompanied by a trio of sauces – caramel (my favorite), chocolate and fresh berry. Another perfect dessert to share. The caramel sauce is spectacular; I used a spoon to get every drop from its serving cup.

The View is one of my favorite restaurants. I eat there more often than my blog indicates. I will continue to add my experiences as I work my way through the menu. This could take awhile; I often order my favorite – the flank steak. Farzaad & Lorenzo ensure all guests receive “service with a smile!”

Mmm, Mmm, Mmm…


$ 10
$$ 20
$$$ 30
$$$$ 40+

+ Stop bothering me!
++ Anyone here?
+++ Stopped when in the area.
++++ As needed and friendly.
+++++ Invisibly perfect!

✦ “One visit too many”
✦✦ “Convince me!”
✦✦✦ “I’ll be back”
✦✦✦✦ “Same table next week!”

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