Sunday, December 05, 2010

EL DORADO - Puerto Vallarta

El Dorado is one of the newer eateries in the Zona Romantica area, Vallarta's most energized neighborhood with the south side beach, restaurants, bars, lounges, and beach side eateries. El Dorado completed a total renovation a few weeks back.

The new space is a sexy beach eatery including a roof top space perfect watching the beach-goers and the Pacific's stunning sunsets. The quartet of owners, Richard Haverlack, Juan Zuno (Executive Chef of Boca Bento), Alice Ardisonne, and Homer Santiago have created a sexy, tropical dining destination on Los Muertos Beach. The Latin & Asian inspired dishes will have your taste buds dancing! The large palapa roof covers an open dining room accented in bright blue and green.

During this trip I made 2 visits to El Dorado - each exceeded my expectations. However, I cannot find my "meal notes" written on napkins. I believe my housekeeper discarded them.

Go for Happy Hour and dinner on the beach served by extremely friendly staff. End your evening basking in the glow of one of their fire pits as the sun sets over the Pacific... aah paradise!

I will be certain to not lose my notes when I make a return visit to Vallarta in May.

Mmm... Mmm... Mmm...

El Dorado





$ 10

$$ 20

$$$ 30

$$$$ 40+


+ Stop bothering me!

++ Anyone here?

+++ Stopped when in the area.

++++ As needed and friendly.

+++++ Invisibly perfect!


& “One visit too many!”

&& “Convince me!”

&&& “I’ll be back!”

&&&& “Same table next week!”