Sunday, February 27, 2011


Rudy's Country Store and Bar-B-Q has 29 locations across Texas, Oklahoma & Colorado. Rudy's Country Store began in the 1800's in Leon Springs. Bar-B-Q was added in 1989. The large warehouse-like space features barnyard red walls with corrugated metal siding, 8-foot folding tables and wooden picnic tables covered in red & white gingham check table cloths. The eclectic ambiance and incredible food make for a fun dining experience.

Fran, Jim & and created our own "buffet". Our spread included pulled pork, brisket, turkey breast, homemade whole kernel creamed corn (AMAZING), coleslaw and slices of white bread (1/2 loaf for catching the bar-b-q left behind). Our entire meal was fantastic - juicy, smoky meats, slightly tangy coleslaw and over-the-top creamed corn. Dinner was served on a tray covered with white butcher paper and paper boats for the creamed corn and coleslaw. All meats are dry rubbed and smoked over a slow burning oak fire. Each table has several quart bottles of their signature 'sauses' - "Sissy Sause" and "Rudy's Original Bar-B-Q Sause". The sauces are similar but I found Rudy's Original to have a bit more zest!

Rudy's begins serving breakfast tacos at 7am and the fresh Bar-B-Q menu at 10am. "Group meal" and catering menus are also available.

The ordering & service queue is staffed by extremely friendly and efficient staff. The 20+ guests ahead of us were serviced in less than 6 minutes. This is truly some of the best smoked meat I've eaten!

Mmm... Mmm... Mmm...

Rudy's Country Store & Bar-B-Q





$ 10

$$ 20

$$$ 30

$$$$ 40+


+ Stop bothering me!

++ Anyone here?

+++ Stopped when in the area.

++++ As needed and friendly.

+++++ Invisibly perfect!


& “One visit too many!”

&& “Convince me!”

&&& “I’ll be back!”

&&&& “Same table next week!”

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